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Several trESS reports have now been published on the trESS website. They are the result of the work of a pool of experts. Next to the national experts involved in the project throughout the EEA, we also appeal to other analytical experts for our reporting, statistical and analytical activities. As soon as the work of several reflection groups is finalised, we publish their reports on the website.

The 2012 Analytical report builds further on the 2011 Think Tank report and contains an in-depth legal impact assessment for the revision of Regulation 883/2004 with regard to the coordination of long-term care benefits. You can now find it on the website.

Also the 2012 Think Tank report on the coordination of unemployment benefits was handed over to the European Commission and was already presented at the December meeting of the Administrative Commission. As is well-known, the coordination of these benefits has not reached its full potential under the current Regulations. This report provides an extensive overview of the existing coordination rules, the existing challenges and interesting proposals for the future. The report also maps, defines and describes the national schemes of unemployment benefits.

Finally, the 2012 Thematic report deals with issues and problems arising in the Member States with regard to a specific topic concerning EU social security coordination. In 2012, the topic of coordination of benefits with activation measures was chosen. The Thematic report is the end result of the input of the trESS national experts on this issue. An absolute must-read for anyone who wants to stay in touch with the very latest developments in EU social security coordination. This report will be presented at the March meeting of the Administrative Commission. You can find all the reports on the website by clicking ‘European resources’ on the homepage.


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