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Reporting on the implementation of the coordination regulations at national level continues to be one of the most important activities of trESS. Three big reports are currently being worked on.

In December 2012, trESS will publish a Thematic Report on a topic that is under debate in every Member State: the coordination of benefits with activation measures.

The trESS Think Tank in its turn carries out legal strategic long-term analysis and examines whether and where the coordination rules need to be adapted in order to meet the goal of facilitating the free movement of persons. For 2012, the Think Tank will analyse current challenges with regard to the coordination of unemployment benefits, in particular insofar as Articles 61, 64 and 65 of Regulation 883/2004 are concerned, and will identify possible solutions for a simplified and more efficient coordination of unemployment benefits. Finally,trESS is contributing to an impact assessment with regard to the coordination of long-term care benefits. Of course, we will keep you in the loop on the result of all these activities via our various – traditional and new – communication channels.


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