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We have already informed you that a Facebook and a LinkedIn page have been set up. The content basically includes the materials from our E-newsletter and the website’s news section, but goes further as well and encompasses any information related to social security coordination. Especially the trESS LinkedIn page has become very popular amongst social security professionals, as it guarantees fast updates and interesting discussions on developments in the field.

That is why we want to warmly invite you to become a member of Facebook and/or LinkedIn and to contribute to the trESS pages by sharing any relevant national or European information with respect to social security coordination with the trESS network. The social media pages will enable you to post messages and comments on cases or news items and to read the opinions of others. More importantly, you will always be the first to know if something new happens in this domain.

You can find the trESS social media pages via the Facebook and LinkedIn buttons on the homepage of our website Take a look and see how our website has been restyled to make it even more user-friendly and informative. One of the new information tools to check out is our rich database of national seminar presentations, which consists of all PowerPoint presentations that we have collected from the national trESS seminars since 2008.


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