Dear trESS friends,

It is with great pleasure that I present to you this spring 2013 trESS E-newsletter, which will give you an insight in the latest developments in the project as well as in the ever developing field of EU social security coordination.

In this edition, we will present you the activities you can expect from the project in the newly started working year, which will be filled with interesting events and publications. The analytical branch of the network will focus on burning issues like the key challenges for the Coordination Regulations in the near future, but will also analyse very specific topics such as ‘prioritising of the right to sickness benefits in kind’ or ‘medical examination and administrative checks’. Besides this, you can also expect a new ‘European report’ in 2013, taking stock of the current implementation problems with regard to EU coordination of social security at the national level. This report will also put particular focus on new developments and emerging issues.

We are very pleased to present you the new round of trESS seminars, as we are confident that they will be as fruitful and enjoyable as in previous years. In 2013, six seminars will be organised in the framework of the project and one with logistical support from trESS. Two of these will be bilateral seminars and we will even have a trilateral seminar this year. This concept of multilateral seminars has already proved to be very interesting, as experts from neighbouring countries can debate face-to-face about concrete implementation problems.

Besides the presentation of our upcoming trESS activities, we can present you three ECJ cases on quite technical topics with relation to family benefits for orphans and to pensions. Moreover, we have included a short comment from our Luxembourg national expert on a social security related ECJ case with regard to unemployed persons.

We are also delighted to have had the opportunity to interview Ms Fleur Veltkamp, a seconded national expert in the Unit ‘Free movement of workers and coordination of social security systems’ of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion. She has taken the time to talk to our trESS reporter on the latest developments with regard to the determination of the applicable social security legislation in cross-border cases.

I wish you a very pleasant read, and I hope you will find this new newsletter both informative and pleasurable.

Kind regards,

Yves Jorens
Project Director

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