News from the Commission > Thematic seminar of the Network on free movement of workers: EU migrants in Italy and their fundamental rights

The aim of this seminar is to understand whether the fundamental rights of free movement and citizenship are properly implemented and whether EU nationals receive the treatment they are entitled to by the Treaty of Lisbon and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Even though EU and non-EU nationals come within the scope of different sets of rules, it is worthy to inquire how EU nationals are treated in day-to-day life in Italy.

Italy has become a receiving country of immigrants: the number of foreigners coming to Italy has grown steadily reaching 4,500,000 in 2011, while only 350,000 in 1991. For a long time, non-EU foreigners greatly outnumbered EU nationals. Non-Italian simply meant non-EU foreigner. But since the last enlargement, things have changed and nowadays one non-Italian out of four is an EU national. Therefore, Italy has become aware of EU nationals and workers, who since then were not a source of concern for Italian authorities.



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