News from trESS > trESS seminar calendar 2012

Bilateral Latvia/Lithuania 19 Apr Riga
Italy 30 May Rome
Greece 27 Jun Athens
Switzerland 28 Jun Fribourg (CH)
Bilateral Estonia/Finland   4 Sep Tallinn
Cyprus 24 Sep Nicosia
Spain 27 Sep Seville
Slovakia   9 Oct Bratislava
Seminar outside trESS scope, with logistical support from trESS
Poland 15 Jun Warsaw

This seminar calendar can also be found at the seminar section of our website. The agenda of the different seminars will be posted ca. four weeks prior to the seminar date. Soon after the seminar, the PowerPoint presentations used at the seminar will be linked in the agenda.

You can register for participation in a seminar until three weeks before its date by completing an online subscription form available on the website.

Participation in trESS seminars is free of charge. Any travel and accommodation expenses cannot be borne by trESS.


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